These drawings were all done within 24 hours for a competition hosted by the University of Tennessee College of Architecture. This protest is an action against surface parking at the University of Tennessee in favor of more green-space on campus- particularly in the “arts quad” parking lot. This proposal suggests a transformation of staff lot 23 into a new urban wilderness for the UT and Knoxville community. This parking lot is aptly located to serve this vital transformation.
To protest this large swath of asphalt, the proposal is implemented in 4 phases—parking spot by parking spot. Researching National Parking Day installations for inspiration to transform parking spaces into livable and enjoyable spaces, this method allows for more adaptability and flexibility to those who still rely on the parking lot. Drivers will have time to adjust to its absence and time to realize the great potential of this lot as a new green-space. This is also an opportunity for students to reclaim their campus from automobiles.
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