I started my design journey after being challenged by a Landscape Architect to effect change in the world through good design.  In pursuit of this interest, my brother and I started a landscape business in high school. This quickly taught me hard work and grit. As my responsibilities grew, I realized the core of good design was in helping others, so I began to explore other ways in which design impacted society and individuals. Because a large percentage of our time is spent indoors,  I studied ways to change interiors, which ultimately led to a major in Interior Design in my undergraduate studies.  I am currently completing two graduate degrees in architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Tennessee, and chose to pursue studying three core design degrees because I often see differences in strategies within spaces I have occupied. Through a recent project where I converted a school bus into my tiny home, I have realized that living in a small space inspires a greater appreciation for the value and durability of resources along with an emphasis in forming habits which contribute to the goal of a sustainable lifestyle. My passion to make the world a more fulfilling, beautiful, and understandable place is what motivates me to help others through documenting what I have learned on my journey. Every person I meet, every space I encounter, and every conversation I have changes me and helps me see the world from other’s perspectives. I hope as I continue my journey, it will put me in a position to increase the number of lives I will help in the future. 
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